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Brooklyn Restaurant's 'Ladies' Menu Features Sweeter Drinks with Less Booze

The bar at different Los Pollitos location.
The bar at different Los Pollitos location.
Photo: Los Pollitos II/Facebook

A Brooklyn restaurant's cocktail menu has a special section for women, and congrats are in order to you lightweight, calorie-counting ladies: It features drinks with less alcohol. According to DNA Info, the drink menu at Los Pollitos III has a section designated "For Women" featuring just four "light" drinks: a glass of wine, Kahlua and Cream, Bailey's, and Alizé. There is also a section "For Men" with drinks that contain "extra alcohol" and manly, strong booze like rum, gin, vodka, and tequila. Bartender Leo Vasquez says that the gendered menus were created because "a lot of times ladies don't like to have the strong stuff," so, "the drinks for women are sweeter with less alcohol."

A manager for the restaurant notes that the menu is supposed "to make people laugh," but not everyone's feeling the joke. Eater NY notes that while Vazquez makes it clear that there are no restrictions on who can order what, "many ladies are not taking kindly to the suggestion that they might be better off with a Kahlua and cream than a Cucaracha Bomb," which features rum, tequila, Kalhua, and Red Bull. (One concerned male customer agrees with the restaurant's idea, for safety's sake: "It makes sense… it's women who get so inebriated that they pass out and stumble around. It's safer for them to have drinks with less alcohol.")

The menu is reminiscent of Eva Longoria's Las Vegas steakhouse that offered oddly gendered "He-Cuts, She-Cuts, and We-Cuts" of meat. Want a non-gendered drink at Los Pollitos III? Menu items designated "For Everyone" include mojitos and a "Sex on a Mexican Beach."

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Los Pollitos III

499 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY