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The California Glove Law Has Been Officially Repealed

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The controversial California glove law has officially been repealed. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Governor Jerry Brown signed the repeal into effect on Saturday following the state Senate's unanimous vote in favor of it last week. The glove law was approved in January and it required food workers to wear disposable gloves when handling "ready-to-eat" foods. It has faced fierce opposition ever since it was introduced with many people pointing out how impractical it was: Because of the mandate, bartenders were required to wear gloves when touching basic drink components like ice cubes and drink garnishes. Plus, others pointed out that gloves slowed things down and were environmentally unfriendly.

While the Governor's approval makes the repeal official, it is possible that lawmakers will try to introduce another iteration of the law. While he admitted that the current version of the glove law was flawed, assemblyman Richard Pan told the AP last week that "he is not abandoning the regulation altogether" and hopes to reformat it in a way that appeals to restaurateurs and chefs.

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