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Waffle House Calls for Boycott of Belgian Waffles

Photo: rob_rob2001/Flickr

Waffle House is urging fans of the U.S men's soccer team to boycott Belgian waffles ahead of the USA-Belgium World Cup game tomorrow. A rep for the apparently very patriotic chain told TMZ, "We support a boycott on Belgian Waffles," adding, "We support America. We don't support Belgian waffles." This morning Waffle House — which does in fact only serve American-style waffles — rallied support on Twitter:

They also retweeted things like: "When you look up America in the dictionary, the definition is @Wafflehouse." Certainly the regional chain's support of the second amendment is patriotic enough. Clearly hating on Belgium is the thing to do. Now all the chain needs to do is add freedom fries and a bucket of ranch to the menu to make it the most American restaurant ever.

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