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Watch Chefs Read Their Restaurants' Worst Yelp Reviews

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[Video: Kat Odell]

Here's a video from the Eater Lounge at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen of chefs and restaurateurs reading real (bad) Yelp reviews of their restaurants. Hugh Acheson (Empire State South, Atlanta) reads a review that describes his ice cream "like my mom makes, when she is tired." One Yelper described the service staff at Sang Yoon's Father's Office in LA as having "advanced degrees in assholery."

Other chefs and restaurateurs in the video include: Andrew Zimmern (AZ Canteen, Minneapolis, MN), Jenn Louis (Lincoln, Portland, OR), Bobby Stuckey (Frasca Food and Wine, Boulder, CO), Micah Melton (The Aviary, Chicago), Bryan Dayton (Acorn, Denver), Paul Qui (Qui, Austin), Drew Nieporent (Batard, NYC), Eli Kulp (Fork, Philadelphia), Matt McCallister (FT33, Dallas), and Tim Love (Lonesome Dove, Fort Worth, TX). Go, watch.

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