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PETA Convinces Restaurant to Stop Serving Foie Gras

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Photo: Gordon's, jeremy-couture/Flickr

A high-end restaurant in Scotland has voluntarily decided to stop serving foie gras. According to a press release on, Gordon's Restaurant in Angus, Scotland will no longer offer foie gras "after learning from PETA" about the manner in which geese and ducks must be force fed in order to produce the ingredient. Restaurant co-owner Maria Watson tells PETA that she also asked their graphic designer to remove foie gras from their menus. The restaurant used to be known for items like a foie gras parfait with chicken liver and grape chutney and "feather-blade, shallot confit, [and] roast foie gras."

Long a fine dining staple, more and more restaurants are eschewing it. Last year, online retail giant Amazon announced it would stop selling foie on its UK site. And two years ago, PETA managed to help get the fatty duck liver banned in California.

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Gordon's Restaurant

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