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Australia's Largest-Ever Truffle Weighs 2.5 Pounds

Photo: Yelverton Truffles/Facebook

Australia's burgeoning truffle industry dug up its largest-ever specimen earlier this week, in what some are calling a true sign of competition for France's black Périgord truffle industry: The Guardian reports the 1.172 kilogram truffle (roughly 2.5 pounds) was unearthed at New South Wales farm Yelverton Truffles. In a Facebook post documenting the find, Yelverton growers note that "our scales were not large enough, so it was taken to the local Post Office to be weighed on their accurate scales," but the truffle was ultimately just shy of the world record for the largest ever (found in France back in 2012, it weighed 1.3 kilograms). Good Food reports that chef Robin Murray (of Australia's Centennial Vineyards restaurant) purchased the giant truffle for somewhere in the $2,000-$2,500 range, with plans to use it in dishes like mushroom risotto and French onion soup.

The truffle find just happened to occur during the same week that Australia's Truffle & Wine Co. headed to New York for a campaign to promote the country's newish truffle industry, which now provides "New York chefs [with] an off-season truffle source." (France's black Périgord truffle season lasts from December to March.) The new Australian export, it notes, could cause "a kerfuffle in the $100 million US truffle industry."

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