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Yelp Wanted

Hillary Dixler Canavan is Eater's restaurant editor and the author of the publication's debut book, Eater: 100 Essential Restaurant Recipes From the Authority on Where to Eat and Why It Matters (Abrams, September 2023). Her work focuses on dining trends and the people changing the industry — and scouting the next hot restaurant you need to try on Eater's annual Best New Restaurant list.

big-earls-texas-homophobic-slur.jpgThe owner of a Texas restaurant that has been slammed on Yelp after a server reportedly kicked out a gay couple using a homophobic slur says that his restaurant Big Earl's Bait House has "received over 200 death threats" and that his "business is hurting extremely from this." He also says no slurs were used and denies any discrimination at the restaurant: "I have gays who routinely come in here, that's not the issue." [TMT/KYTX]