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Watch Colbert Wag His Finger at Cereal Manufacturers

Last night on the Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert gave a Wag of the Finger to cereal manufacturers. A new report shows that the companies are over-fortifying children's cereals with potentially harmful amounts of vitamins and minerals. It turns out that the nutrients are added in amounts that have been calculated for adults, which Colbert quips is "ridiculous" because adults "would never eat those childish foods for breakfast." He jokes that grown-ups "prefer the sophisticated taste of Pop-Tarts Wildlicious, [since] they're baked with real fruit asterisk." Colbert then asks all parents that, until cereal is safe again, to please feed their children "something that is just as colorful but is better for them, like the box." Go, watch:

Video: Cereal Manufacturers

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