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California Glove Law Repealed by State Legislature

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The California state Senate voted Thursday in favor of repealing the controversial glove law. According to the LA Times, the decision was unanimous (32 to 0) and now the repeal needs to be approved by Governor Jerry Brown to become official. The law, which was introduced at the beginning of this year, requires food workers — including bartenders and sushi chefs— to wear disposable gloves when handling "ready-to-eat" foods.

Senator Kevin de León notes that the repeal, if finalized, would "return previous language to the health code that says employees should 'minimize' bare-handed contact with food." Assemblyman Richard Pan, whose committee originally wrote the bill, says he is "confident that the governor would sign the repeal measure." The repeal may not be the end of the glove law however: Pan tells the AP that "he is not abandoning the regulation altogether" and wants to reintroduce the idea in a way that takes into account the "concerns of restauranteurs."

The glove mandate has faced fierce opposition from the food community from the beginning. Sushi chefs, chefs like Ludo Lefebvre, Anthony Bourdain, and even kewl kulinary dude Guy Fieri have all publicly displayed their unhappiness regarding the law. There was also an online petition to exempt bartenders from the law that reached over 11,000 signatures. Even Pan eventually admitted that "the legislation failed to take into account that workers might have a good reason to touch food with their bare hands."

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