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Hip Irish Pub Is Using Snapchat to Hire Its Staff

Photos: Snapchat/Facebook, Sober Lane/Tw

A pub in Ireland is hoping to hire competent staff through this year's hottest social media application: Snapchat. According to the Journal, the soon-to-open Dublin outpost of Sober Lane (yes, the bar really is named Sober Lane) wants applicants to send in Snapchat photos and videos in place of resumes. Snapchat only allows users to view an image for a set number of seconds before it disappears; it's been reported that people frequently use the platform to send and receive salacious photos. The pub tweeted its help wanted post which encourages applicants to "forget discretion" and notes that applications for the 20 positions available will only be accepted through Snapchat.

Owner Ernest Cantillon tells the Journal that he wants applicants to focus on making a good first impression: "Snapchat lets you make a first impression, there's no back and forth, people are only able to send photos or 15-second videos and it either catches our imagination or not." According to the Irish Examiner, Sober Lane has apparently been quite successful in its strange quest. Cantillon claims that they were "swamped with some 200 applications within an hour." Hey, at least the pub is attempting to woo millennials by doing more than putting kale in everything on the menu. Sober Lane opens July 16.

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