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Eater Young Guns Class of 2014 Feted in Los Angeles

[All Photos by Frank Lee]

On Tuesday evening, the best and the brightest of the LA food world descended on brand new Culver City venue The Washbow to join Eater in feting the 2014 class of Eater Young Guns. Young Guns Christina Nguyen and Birk Stefan Grudem, Marc-Alexandre Mercier, Mei Lin, Garrett Lipar, JJ Johnson, and Johnny Ortiz served an array of impressive and inventive dishes. Fellow Young Guns Sam Kincaid, Camila Ramos, Craig Schoettler, Felipe Riccio, Steven Dilley, Nora Antene, Meredith Gallagher, Fabian von Hauske joined in the fun.

Peruse the party pics and head this way to read all about the 2014 class of Young Gun inductees and learn why they are the industry's next big stars.

A special thanks to all of our Young Guns, to the chefs who cooked and their staffs, to the Washbow, to the very amazing band Cayucas and to our wonderful sponsors Selvarey Rum, Tito's Handmade Vodka, Trumer Pils, Le Creuset, Premier Meat Company, The Truffle & Wine Company, Eco-Eats Partyware, Visit Houston, and Uber. And thanks to Houston Hospitality for managing the bar and providing bites from their upcoming project.

Hangover observations are ahead.

- The dishes this year exhibited the range of talents in the 2014 class. Mei Lin of ink had a line the entire night for her comforting and bonkers delicious congee with crispy pork. Christina and Birk from Hola Arepa in Minneapolis served a shitake cachapa (with huitlacoche, shaved truffle, and goat cheese). Marc-Alexandre from Montreal served razor clams with cucumber and coriander on beautiful wood board atop rocks. JJ served a bass crudo with yam, Birdeye chile, and cumin puff rice. Garret served Michigan shrimp with fermented asparagus and corn. And Johnny Ortiz went full Saison and served a "Study on Carrots." He mixed salt with soil, buried carrots in the soil for two days, and then unearthed them and served them atop the soil with flowers.

- Other Young Guns pitched in as well. Camila stuffed the gift bags with Panther Coffee, Nora from Le Pigeon made foie and coconut fudge for the foie gras starved Californian partygoers, and Craig from Vegas created a cocktail for the event called the Rendezvous, with Tito's vodka, lemon, giffard orgeat, angostura bitters, and lindeman's peche lambic.

- Notable guests included TV star and chef Eddie Huang rocking turquoise shorts and waiting in the long line for Mei Lin's congee, teen chef Flynn McGarry, LA chef Chris Oh, restaurateur Stephane Bombet, Julian Cox (Soigne Group), Max Coane of Fifty Seven.

- Bonus tidbit: Prolific restaurateur and Umami Burger founder Adam Fleischman is currently working on Masty Roll, an Indian food concept, though he also said he's close to signing leases for "three or four new concepts." He just doesn't stop.

- Afterparty hang: Father's Office down the block. JJ deemed the famous Father's Office burger even better than his own at the Cecil.

- After Afterparty hang: Dan Sung Sa, where the Eater crew and a selection of Young Guns and hangers on belted karaoke and drank sochu until 2 a.m. Camila from Miami was the standout of the evening.

Young Guns one by one:

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