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NC Brewery Reopens After Metal Band's Pig Blood Stunt

Photo: Lexington Avenue Brewery/Facebook

A brewery in Asheville, North Carolina will reopen today after it was forced to shutdown to clean up a large amount of pig's blood used by a band performing at the venue. According to WLOS, the metal band Young And In The Way sprayed pig's blood all over concert goers during their show at Lexington Avenue Brewery this past Sunday. The brewery writes on its Facebook page that the band "poured pig blood over the stage, audience, and equipment in our back room" and that management was "not aware of the band's plans for the event."

Manager Benjy Greene tells the news station that the brewery "voluntarily closed" and contacted the health department to get advice on the best way to clean up the animal blood. The health department notes that "while disturbing," the pig's blood doesn't pose a health threat to anyone who came in contact with it. The blood also never made its way into the kitchen and was confined to the back room where the band was playing. The brewery notes in their Facebook post that it will be reopening today in time for "FIFA World Cup Soccer on the big screen at noon."

Unfortunately, the temporary closure put the brewery's nearly four dozen staff members out of work for three days. Empire Tattoo, the company that originally hired the band for event Sunday, took to Facebook to apologize, writing: "Though the actions and result of Sunday nights show were out of our hands we are sorry another local business is suffering." Next time, perhaps the band should spray the crowd with these pig's blood macarons instead. It's a much more delicious (and mess free) approach. Go, watch the local news video:

Video: Band Sprays Pig's Blood at Brewery

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Lexington Avenue Brewery

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