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Starbucks Experiments with Greek Yogurt Smoothies

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Photos: Starbucks, Press Release

Starbucks will soon sell Greek yogurt-based smoothies, continuing its quest to become the coffee chain that sells basically everything. According to a press release, Starbucks is teaming up with Dannon to offer smoothies made with the company's Greek yogurt and cold-pressed juice from Evolution Fresh (a line that Starbucks' already carries). The smoothies are being tested in around 200 stores in San Jose, California and St. Louis, Missouri through September. The press release adds that the chain expects to launch a full line in "all Starbucks markets" next year.

Currently, Starbucks is offering three flavors of smoothies in the selected stores: Strawberry, Mango Carrot, and the more vegetal Sweet Greens. Bloomberg writes that depending on the flavor, customers will be able to add extra Greek yogurt or kale (so chic!) to their drink. Prices will vary across stores but a 16-ounce smoothie will retail for around $5.95 in San Jose.

The Seattle-based coffee chain has introduced many new non-coffee related items recently. Starbucks locations began slinging grilled cheese sandwiches just yesterday. The company also launched a "handcrafted" soda line as well as announced plans to start serving beer, wine, and tapas in stores nationwide in the near future.

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