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World Cup Attendees Order $7,000 Delivery From the UK

Photo: Chilcha/Facebook

A dozen deep-pocketed soccer fans attending the World Cup in Brazil missed their local restaurant's curry so much, they had it delivered to Brazil from the United Kingdom — at the cost of £4,200 (roughly $7,130). The Worthing Herald reports that the West Sussex restaurant Chilcha cooked up £1,200 worth of curry, masala, and rice dishes (which is a lot of curry?) for the owner of an aircraft company and 12 of his colleagues. The customer, Mustafa Azim, plans to spend an additional £3,000 to fly from Brazil to the UK to pick up the order, and "deliver" them himself, telling the Herald that "there's not a single restaurant in Brazil" that offers traditional Bangladesh curry.

It's not the only weird food delivery World Cup fans have enjoyed of late. A London pizzeria is offering a "pizza portrait" special featuring the visage of notorious biter Luis Suarez; South Korean fans can order up a World Cup-themed pizza inexplicably featuring "Churrasco Cheese Rolls."

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