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Family of 3-Year-Old Girl Denies KFC Story Is a Hoax

Victoria Wilcher, KFC
Victoria Wilcher, KFC
Photos: Victoria's Victories/Facebook, Chrishys

Was the story about the little girl who was kicked out of a KFC because of the scars on her face just a huge hoax? The family of three-year-old Victoria Wilcher has taken to Facebook to deny recent hoax accusations. Last week, the story about the incident at KFC went viral, and resulted in Victoria's family receiving thousands of dollars in donations. Yesterday, an unnamed source told the Laurel Leader-Call that Wilcher's story was false. The source cites a series of discrepancies: Victoria and her grandmother allegedly do not show up on surveillance videos at the KFC and there is supposedly no record of the order they placed.

The family has fired back at the claims their story is a hoax via a post on Victoria's Victories, a Facebook page dedicated to the little girl's recovery from the pit bull attack that caused her severe scarring.

When KFC first heard the story about Victoria Wilcher earlier this month, the company announced that it would launch an investigation and that "regardless of the outcome" it would donate $30,000 to the family to help with medical bills. People came out of the woodwork to help the Wilcher Family: The Laurel Leader-Call writes that more than $135,000 has been raised for Victoria on the fundraising site, GoFundMe. The paper points out that before the incident, the campaign only had raised $595 dollars. The Las Vegas Review Journal notes that the story has also resulted in a plastic surgeon offering Victoria tens of thousands of dollars worth of reconstructive surgery for free. KFC has not yet concluded its investigation.

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