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Is Roy Choi Thinking of Opening a Restaurant in NY?

Roy Choi
Roy Choi
Photo: Travis Jensen

Last night on Twitter, newly minted movie star and LA-based chef Roy Choi teased out the idea that he was looking to open a restaurant in New York City. His tweets throughout the day had a dreamy tone and included photos of vacant storefronts. After dining at chef David Chang's Ssäm Bar Choi wrote: "Don't know how long it will take but I know I'm ready to try and make New York happen. Should be a fun journey. #next."

It's a sign!

After our colleagues at Eater NY reported on the news, the itinerant chef took to Twitter again to side step the idea. He wrote: "HA!! Me and my big mouth. Fug it. Let's roll. #next"

Choi is currently busy with his new hotel restaurants Pot and The Commissary, both of which are inside The Line Hotel, a project from The Sydell Group. Perhaps this partnership could ease Choi's transition into New York? Regardless, as Eater NY notes, a New York restaurant from Choi would be a massive hit.

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