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News Anchors Flip Out Over Obama's Chipotle 'Faux Pas'

Yesterday, President Barack Obama visited a DC-area location of Chipotle for lunch, and today, he's being called out for "violating" something while there: the protective sneeze guard that separates customers from the food. As ABC News (and various other news outlets) point out, POTUS's index finger comes "within inches of the lunch items," which has led to a social media backlash now dubbed SneezeGate. CNN calls it a "fast food flub," while local anchors for FOX News are calling it a "Presidential overreach."

As Matt Lauer of the Today show says, "He's completely over the sneeze guard... apparently the President has very particular requirements when it comes to burrito bowl toppings." Co-anchor Savannah Guthrie points out the potential health risk by helpfully adding: "He probably shakes a lot of hands." Go, watch:

Video: President Obama's Chipotle Faux Pas

Video: Did President Obama Overreach at Chipotle?

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