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Inside the New Ratatouille Restaurant at Disneyland Paris

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Screenshot: YouTube

More details have been revealed about Bistrot Chez Rémy, the sit-down restaurant inside La Place de Rémy, the Ratatouille-themed world at Disneyland Paris. The world and restaurant are set to open to the public on July 10. As reported last month, the world will feature Ratatouille: The Adventure ride, a Paris streetscape, plus the 370-seat sit-down restaurant.

The restaurant is supposed to be an "oversized world" where diners are made to feel like they are the size of rats. Decor includes larger-than-life salt and pepper shakers acting as plant holders, massive bottle caps that serve as chairs, and tables that look like jam jars. There are also umbrellas over many of the tables that are reminiscent of the small paper versions often found in tropical drinks. Plates that reach toward the ceiling act as room dividers, and large, floor-to-ceiling bottles of wine act as columns.

According to images posted to the Disney Land Paris Facebook page, the menu is actually quite limited. There is, of course, a dish of ratatouille (which sadly does not look as delicious as it does in the film), a salad featuring breaded brie cheese, a play on steak frites, and a cheese course with yet more brie. Large profiteroles filled with vanilla ice cream are on the dessert menu; each is served with a tiny toy-like Remy made of fondant. The wine list features just three bottles. On the kids' menu find items like beef meatballs with linguine, a melon and cherry tomato salad, and a "Ratatouille cup cake." Prices have not been released.

There are also more details regarding La Place de Rémy: According to Inside the Magic, the area features a large fountain in the center that is adorned with "chef rats" carrying wine bottles that is designed to look as if the water is "bursting with a bit of bubbly." The gift shop will sell chefs' hats alongside Ratatouille-themed items like plush toys and coffee mugs. Check out photos of the space and menu and watch a video tour of the restaurant below:

[Photo: Disneyland Paris]

[Photo: Disneyland Paris/Facebook]

[Photo: Disneyland Paris/Facebook]

[Photo: Disneyland Paris/Facebook]

[Photo: Disneyland Paris/Facebook]

[Photo: Disneyland Paris/Facebook]

[Photo: Disneyland Paris/Facebook]

[Photo: Disneyland Paris/Facebook]

[Photo: Disneyland Paris/Facebook]

[Screenshot: YouTube]

[Photo: Disneyland Paris]

[Photo: Disneyland Paris]

Video: Bistrot Chez Rémy - Ratatouille - Disneyland Paris

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Bistrot Chez Rémy

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