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DIY Backpacks Made from Junk Food are Trending in South Korea

Photos: What to Eat Today?/Facebook

South Korean school girls are reinventing the term "snack pack" by crafting backpacks made out of snacks. According to Kotaku, there is a growing number of teenage girls making over-the-top backpack creations out of junk food items like cookies, potato chips, cheese puffs, and even drinkable yogurt. A stream of photos from Facebook page What to Eat Today? show girls donning large bags of snack items cleverly taped together to form a backpack. They are even wearable thanks to straps crafted from packages of candy or snack wrappers. One crafty teenager even constructed an oddly chic bag from red Pocky Stick boxes, making these bottle cap bedazzled sneakers look like child's play.