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Watch William Shatner & Alton Brown Geek Out on Wine

The premiere episode of actor William Shatner's new show Brown Bag Wine Tasting (Ora TV) features Food Network host Alton Brown. The duo talk about family recipes, sparkling wine, and the many ways the word 'chef' can be used, all while Brown makes (some really good looking) biscuits.

Then, Shatner and Brown blind taste a bubbly wine and create hilariously ridiculous tasting notes for it: Brown proclaims that it reminds him of "an Amalfi Lemon, peel only, from the side of the lemon facing South." Shatner adds: "[the side of the lemon] that's got the most sun in it." Tasting notes from a real sommelier reveal that the wine actually has "cow dung overtones." Go, watch:

Video: Alton Brown - Celebrity Chef

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