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New WineGlass App Basically Does the Sommelier's Job

Since bartenders and line cooks have already been replaced by technological innovations, sommeliers are naturally next in line: WineGlass, new app just released last week, scans a restaurant wine list and converts it into an "interactive" document, complete with wine ratings, reviews, and suggested food pairings by partner CellarTracker, an established wine review site. App founder Roddy Lindsay tells TechCrunch that he designed the app to help combat the "unapproachable" nature of sprawling wine lists: "How are we normals ever supposed to know what the hell 'Coche-Dury Auxey-Duresses, Cote de Beaune" means?"

Obviously, the same information can be gathered from having a real human conversation with a sommelier, but the app does help sidestep the somewhat-embarrassing act of ordering cheap wine or trolling for deals: WineGlass also provides its users with price information so budget-minded drinkers can calculate a restaurant's mark-up and ensure they're "getting their money's worth." WineGlass is currently available for download in the App store, but first, here's an introductory video:

Video: Introducing WineGlass

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