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Graham Elliot's Greenwich, CT Restaurant Is Now Closed

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Inside Primary Food & Drink
Inside Primary Food & Drink
Photo: Adam Macchia

Just six months after opening Primary Food & Drink, Chicago-based chef Graham Elliot, has shuttered his restaurant in Greenwich, Conn. It was Elliot's first restaurant outside of the Windy City. The closure was not made public until yesterday afternoon, according to Patch Greenwich, when manager David Wolvovsky stood outside the front door to tell prospective patrons that the eatery "is closed as of today — the issue being, it wasn't busy. The investors, the landlord pulled the trigger." Wolvovsky himself received the news via text message that morning.

Primary Food & Drink served "contemporary American seasonal cuisine" in a "refined yet casual" atmosphere, per an original release. The concept — which was announced only nine months ago — received a mixed review from The New York Times last month.

UPDATE 7/20/14, 11:50 a.m.: Eater Chicago reached out to Elliot's representatives and they sent over an official statement from the chef. See below:

"The owners of Primary Food & Drink brought Merlin Verrier and I in to replicate what we do in Chicago, and while it was well-received, it ultimately did not transfer to the Greenwich market. They eventually decided to take the space into a different direction; one Merlin and I didn't feel was the right fit for the Graham Elliot brand. I'm back in Chicago, taking time to focus on Graham Elliot Bistro, as well as Lollapalooza, training for the Chicago Marathon and writing my first cookbook."

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Primary Food & Drink

409 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830