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McDonald's France Launches Ridiculously Awful American-Themed Menu

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Photo: McDonald's France

McDonald's France has launched a new limited edition "American Summer" menu that proves that the French know nothing about what Americans actually eat. There's the California and Chicken sandwich which features crispy chicken, bacon, and a slimy looking avocado sauce because, stereotypes. Even stranger is the Florida and Beef which comes with two pieces of steak topped with a (translated) "pepper-Summer" sauce. Also available, notes Fast and Food, is a side that is somewhere in between chips and french fries called (translated) "Classic Chewy Chips" which look neither classic nor chewy.

McDonald's France has long been attempting to understand American food: Last year it ran a series of novelty American burgers which included a cheeseburger on a bagel, a burger on a cornbread bun that also came topped with corn chips, and another sandwich that was simply called "Shiny Double Bacon" because it came with a shiny bun. The American Summer menu is available until July 29.

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