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Behold the Menu for Giada De Laurentiis's First Restaurant

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Photo: Giada/Facebook

FoodTVperson Giada De Laurentiis' anticipated first-ever restaurant, Giada will finally debut at The Cromwell in Las Vegas tomorrow evening, and Eater Vegas reveals the full menu, which restaurateurs have said will be "identical in quality and cost to the prestigious three-star Restaurant Guy Savoy." As promised, the white leather-bound menu features dishes like a $43 "saltimbocca style" veal chop and a $55 whole chicken for two, combining (per the official website) "Italian cuisine with refreshing, Californian influences."

Oddly, the menu also phonetically spells out the names of pasta dishes: The shrimp, lemon, and basil spaghetti ("spah-geh-tee"), pea pesto tortellini ("tohr-teh-LEE-nee"), and lobster ravioli ("rah-VEEOH-lee") are all accompanied by supposedly helpful pronunciations. There's also a separate menu for Giada's Antipasto & Pizzetta Bar, which apparently does not come with pronunciations for items on its salumi board (finocchiona, Bresaola) or cheese plates.

Head to Eater Vegas for the complete menu, with prices >>>


3595 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV