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Watch an Exclusive Clip From Le Chef Poking Fun at Molecular Gastronomy

Here's an exclusive clip and a trailer from the French restaurant comedy Le Chef (the film, originally titled Comme un Chef, was released in France back in 2012). Directed by Daniel Cohen, the film stars Jean Reno and Michaël Youn. Reno is a Michelin-approved master with a group of grouchy investors to make happy; Youn is an amateur wannabe chef with crazy modern ideas. Which of course means poking fun at molecular gastronomy, what with dishes like "Phosphorescent Radish Mousse," "Effervescent Sirloin," and "Free Range Chicken Ice Cubes." In the exclusive clip below, they try "Fragmentation of Duck." The film opens on June 20th in New York City. On June 27th it opens in Seattle, Detroit, and Miami; and then it rolls out to the rest of the country. Go, watch:

Video: Le Chef: Fragmentation of Duck

Video: Le Chef Trailer

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