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Sushi Selfie: The Most Obnoxious Social Media Promo Yet

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Blue C Sushi, Los Angeles
Blue C Sushi, Los Angeles
Photo: Elizabeth Daniels/Eater LA

How badly do you want free sushi? Blue C Sushi, a moderately priced kaiten (conveyor belt) sushi chain based in Seattle, is offering guests free sushi today in honor of — yes, this is a thing — International Sushi Day. The catch? Guests have to take a selfie with a sushi chef at a Blue C Sushi location, post it to social media (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter), and tag it with @bluecsushi and #sushiselfie.

As Seattle's The Stranger points out, snapping a selfie with a sushi chef — who is presumably in the process of slicing fish and making sushi — doesn't sound as easy as Blue C seems to think, though they helpfully point out that a "selfie" is a "a self-portrait image." Blue C Sushi locations in Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are all participating in the promotion, which ends tonight.

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Blue C Sushi

6374 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90028