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Watch Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on the Daily Show

Last night on the Daily Show host Jon Stewart sat down with Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to talk about the coffee chain's recent announcement that it will help pay for employees' college tuition. In response to the decision, Stewart tells Schultz, "It is my job to hate everything and I am having a very difficult time with this. This sounds lovely." Schultz goes on to explain why Starbucks created the program ("the country is having serious problems and people are being left behind") even though it will cost the company millions of dollars, to which Stewart proclaims, "You've got some Venti balls my friend." Schultz then attempts to emphasize that Starbucks is not a profit-based company but instead is a people-based company and Stewart quips, "Oh my god, that's what's in the coffee? I thought it was a coffee-based company." Go, watch:

Video: Howard Schultz

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