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Restaurant Shames Thieves by Posting Photos on Facebook

Photo: The McMillan/Facebook

Like many victims before them, an Arizona restaurant took to Facebook to publicly shame a customer who stole a $500 piece of artwork off its walls — this time, with a twist. Flagstaff bar the McMillan posted a screengrab of a thief caught in the act, along with a bargain: "I offer you this framed image of you in the act of stealing in exchange for Emma Gardner's painting. Until you return the art, this image of you will adorn our walls where her painting once hung."

But there's a happy(ish) ending: The Arizona Daily-Sun reports that the post (and image) was quickly picked up by local media, leading the two other men pictured to come forward and offer to compensate the artist for the painting. The actual thief, however, has not been identified and the painting is still missing. In an update again posted on Facebook, bar owner Tyler Christensen writes that "While our ultimate goal was to have the artist's art returned to her, it does not appear as though this is going to happen. Restitution for the artist has been offered and accepted by the artist." Christensen refused to identify the two accomplices.

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The McMillan

2 W. Route 66 Flagstaff, Arizona