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Jack in the Box Is Testing Cronut Knockoffs

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It has been over a year since the Cronut was unleashed upon the world and knockoffs are still popping up, this time at Jack in the Box. According to a thread on Reddit, the fast food chain is selling their version of the mania-inducing hybrid pastry under the very original name of "Croissant Donuts." They retail for $.89 a piece or $1.99 for three pieces which is quite a bit cheaper than the original which are $5 each. Also unlike the Cronut, the knockoff doesn't appear to come in different flavors and is only sold dusted in cinnamon sugar. Foodbeast notes that the Croissant Donuts are currently available at a location in Ramona, California. Cronut knockoffs are nothing new: Restaurants from around the globe have long been offering versions of pastry chef Dominique Ansel's famous creation. Eater has reached out Jack in the Box for more information.

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