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Cook Forced to Quit Job Because He Is Basically Allergic to a Professional Kitchen

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A 21-year old cook in Scotland has been forced to quit his job because he is allergic to pretty much all of the tools needed to do his job, including knives and forks. According to the Daily Mail, Cameron Robertson was training for two years to become a chef when he began breaking out in itchy "rashes snaking from his hands to his elbow" every day. Often the itching would last for up to two weeks and was so bad that it would lead to "open wounds" on his arms. Eventually, Robertson asked doctors to test what was causing the reactions and he learned he was allergic to metal, which essentially turns a professional kitchen into Robertson's personal stainless steel-covered hell.

Strangely, Robertson can still use metal cutlery to eat, it's just "prolonged contact" that causes the rashes to flair up. The allergy forced Robertson to quit his job as a chef and attempt to find a different career. He contemplated going into construction, however, while working on renovating his church, he also learned that he was allergic to concrete. Not to worry though, the Daily Star notes that the former cook has found a new metal- and concrete-free job as a care assistant.

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