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Hackers Steal 600,000 Customer Records From Domino's and Demand a Ransom

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Domino's Pizza Cambridge, UK
Domino's Pizza Cambridge, UK

Domino's Pizza locations in France and Belgium are the latest restaurants to be victims of a cyber attack, reports The Telegraph. According to Reuters, 600,000 customer names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords, delivery preferences, and favorite pizza toppings were stolen by a hacking group known as Rex Mundi. The hackers detailed their spoils and demands on Twitter (their account has since been suspended), and have demanded a ransom of €30,000, or about 40,000 USD.

Earlier today, Domino's France confirmed the bad news via Twitter, saying:

Domino's Pizza uses an encryption system on commercial data. However the hackers are seasoned professionals and it is likely that they could decode the encryption system including passwords. This is why we recommend that you change your password for security reasons. We strongly regret this situation and take this illegitimate access very seriously.

Domino's VP of Communications, Tim McIntyre, told Fox Business via email that the incident was "isolated" to the independent franchise markets of Belgium and France, and that the breach "does not affect any market outside of France and Belgium." A spokesperson for Domino's who responded to queries made by Reuters could not confirm if the data was encrypted, but did say that the company would not pay the ransom.

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