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Arby's Remodels to Achieve 'Deli-Inspired Deliciousness'

Arby's redesigned interior model. [Photo: Arby's]

Atlanta-based Arby's Restaurant Group has confirmed that they have begun the process of remodeling their stand-alone sandwich restaurants. CEO Paul Brown told Nation's Restaurant News that the new design — which they've named "Inspire" — supports a new positioning campaign aimed at achieving a vague idea the company is calling "deli-inspired deliciousness." The overhaul coincides with Arby's 50th anniversary this year.

Gone are the massive neon cowboy hat signs. The new Arby's building design features exterior additions like white brick and red awnings at drive-thrus; internal elements include a new color palate, subway tiles and chalkboard graphics. Arby's has so far remodeled 14 units out of 950 company-owned restaurants and plans to complete another 100 units by next year. Arby's is also investing in improving its service. Every employee will be retrained at an off-site "brand camp" beginning this year; so far, 19,000 employees have been retrained.

The remodeling and repositioning of Arby's is also meant to raise their profile from fast food into the quick casual bracket. "If you ask customers to position Arby's today," explains Brown, "they put us between fast casual and QSR, which is an extremely attractive place to play." New premium menu items, like the recent limited time release of the Smokehouse Brisket sandwich, are aimed at satisfying a new demographic. Brown says that revenue at the newly remodeled restaurants has increased up to "20%."

Arby's refresh comes after Wendy's unveiled a new "upscale" look, McDonald's added fireplaces to their Canadian locations, and Olive Garden's super authentic Tuscan farmhouse redesign.

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