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This Electronic Cup Can Monitor Your Drink Intake

Finally, someone has invented the equivalent of the calorie-counting scale for liquids: Here's a look at the Vessyl, a "smartcup" that can impressively identify any liquid that's poured into it, allowing its user to track their drink consumption in real time. The sleek-looking cup syncs with a user's smartphone to record his or her "real-time hydration" down to the specific calories, caffeine content, or grams of sugar contained in the beverage. According to Fast Co.DESIGN, the device uses a "molecular sensor" to positively identify the beverage within, and the system is sensitive enough to distinguish between brands: In a demonstration, the cup could tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi.

In a promotional video, Vessyl's designers say the device is meant to help drinkers "make healthier and more informed decisions" about what they drink over the course of a day. The cup can also learn about its owner's drinking habits and patterns: Its company FAQ claims it can "estimate your unique hydration needs and adjust them based on your activities and whereabouts." Fancy. Go, watch the Vessyl in action:

Video: Vessyl - Automatically Know What's Inside

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