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Patriot-News Critic Mimi Brodeur Reveals Her Identity

Mimi Brodeur, the restaurant critic at central Pennsylvania's The Patriot-News, has decided to abandon her anonymity. According to the paper's website PennLive, it is " breaking precedent with standard journalistic custom" and will now publish a photo of Brodeur with her online posts and printed columns. Brodeur has been the restaurant critic for the paper since 1994 and the article points out that after 20 years, many people have gotten to know her. Plus, thanks to technology, "anyone who took the time could find her photo on the web."

Brodeur doubts that revealing her identity will have much of an impact: "If a place has slow service, they continue to have slow service except after they recognize me they now also start to act very awkward. So, it may not change anything." New York magazine's food critic Adam Platt would most likely approve of Brodeur's decision: He revealed his face last year on the magazine's cover and called being an anonymous critic a "dated charade."

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