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Watch Colbert Try the Food Replacement Powder Soylent

Last night on the Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert sat down with Rob Rhinehart, the inventor of Soylent, a drink mix with some strong claims attached to it. He introduces Rhinehart by joking, "My guest tonight has invented a drink he says can replace the need for food. We already have that, it's called beer." Colbert sits down with a pitcher of prepared Soylent — a slightly chunky, light brown liquid — and asks a stoic Rhinehart what the inspiration behind the drink was ("Did you see someone in a coma with a feeding tube, and you thought, 'I'll have what he's having?'") Colbert swirls and sniffs a glass of Soylent like wine before trying it: "I'm getting notes of a little vanilla-y taste." Accusations come next. Go, watch:

Video: Rob Rhinehart

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