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Chef David Kinch of Manresa to Open a Bread Bakery

Photo: Peninsula Eatz

Chef David Kinch of the Bay Area's two-Michelin-starred Manresa has so far resisted the temptation to build a restaurant empire, sticking instead to day-to-day service inside his award-winning kitchen. But as Eater SF reports, that isn't stopping him from branching out into the bakery world. Along with his head baker Avery Ruzicka — who has been popping up at farmers' markets with handmade loaves — Kinch plans to open a brick and mortar bakery later this year, per an interview with Toqueland. "This bakery is going to allow me to stretch my wings a little bit," says Kinch. "It's fairly low-impact for me because I've got some really fabulous, tremendous employees."

And about that restaurant empire Kinch has so far stayed away from? He tells Toqueland: "Over the years, Manresa's produced an exceptional list of cooks that have gone on to do amazing things, and none of them for me," he says. "They've gone on to become the competition because I've been slow or negligent or perhaps not smart enough to create the opportunities to keep them in the family like a lot of other chefs have done. And I think I have a couple of other projects in me and I'm working on that."

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