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Denny's Logo Ripped Off by Online Prostitution Ring

Photo: Deliy's

Three men have been in arrested in Japan "on suspicion" of a trademark violation for basing their company's logo too closely on that of Denny's Japan. The men work for a company called Deliy's, which, according to Rocket News 24 specializes in "deploying women to a client's home or hotel room, nominally for sensual massage and various sexual services." Deliy's logo is a pretty obvious knock off of Denny's and it features a similar font and the same red lettering on a yellow background. Also like Denny's, there's small black Japanese text above and below the company name. Kotaku notes that between May 2013 and now, Deliy's "used imagery on its website that is allegedly in violation of the Unfair Competition Prevention act." Check out the two logos below:

[Photo: Deliy's, tofuprod/Flickr]

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