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Mexican Restaurant Chain Pays Investors in Burritos

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Chilango is a chain of Mexican fast-food restaurants in London that is looking to raise money via "burrito bonds." Each investor gets a voucher for two free burritos; the first 100 buyers were invited to a tequila-drenched "bondholder party." Those who buy £10,000 or more are gifted with a free burrito each week for the life of the bond. Crowdcube is hosting the four-year bonds, which will pay a rate of up to eight percent. The company hopes to raise up to £500,000 ($842,000) so that it can expand from seven restaurants up to 10. So far, the company has brought in more than half their goal thanks to this peppy video. Go watch:

Video: Chilango Burrito Bonds

Chilango Burrito Bond from ChilangoUK on Vimeo.

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