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Watch Mugaritz's 'Scarlet Shrimp Perfume' Dish Take Life

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Here's a short-but-poetic video that shows off the infamous "Ice Shreds. Scarlet Shrimp Perfume" course at Andoni Luis Aduriz's two-Michelin starred Mugaritz. The dish is composed of ice "fluffed" into a cotton candy-like texture, over which a concentrated shrimp liquid is poured; the video shows the precise moment the ice absorbs the vibrant orange liquid to mimic "melting snow kissed by a drop of blood."

In a blog post accompanying the video, the Mugaritz team writes the dish often "provokes a clash of opinions and sentiments," but ultimately, "the bite is so small and ephemeral it will be gone by the time you decide." Go, watch:

Video: Ice Shreds. Scarlet Shrimp Perfume

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