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David Chang Causes Longest Line in Shake Shack History

The line at Shake Shack Madison Square Park, NYC
The line at Shake Shack Madison Square Park, NYC
Photo: Randy Garutti

Today in New York, chef David Chang's partnership with Shake Shack — in which he created a Momofuku-inspired burger to be sold at the Madison Square Park location — caused the longest line in Shake Shack history. Chang's "Momofuku Shrimp Stack" puts a beef burger and shrimp patty within one bun and then adds Momofuku Hozon Sauce, Bibb lettuce, pickled onion, and salted cucumber. Only 1,000 burgers were made but as of an hour ago, over 400 people were in line. Shake Shack is already apologizing to fans on Twitter.

David Chang and his Momofuku Shrimp Stack [Photo: Shake Shack]

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