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Waffle House Waitress Denied Tip Gets Check for $1,000


The Waffle House waitress who was forced to return her $1,000 tip thanks to company policy now has a $1,000 check in hand from the original megatipper. Server Shaina Brown told local news station WTVD that after Waffle House management declined to process the credit card tip (as part of "regular procedure"), a resulting newspaper report about the incident re-connected her with the original customer, a Raleigh restaurant owner, who presented her with a $1,000 personal check. According to WTVD, the tipper wishes to remain anonymous, but Brown tells Yahoo that "I plan to stop by his restaurant soon so we can share a meal."

After news of the declined tip hit social media, Waffle House issued a Facebook response, writing the incident "has given us cause to review our procedures so we can get tips to our associates quicker in these unusual situation[s]. It says a lot about this customer that he was willing to tip our associate this generous amount. Our intentions were for the associate to get her tip all along." Waffle House then apologized, regretting that their "associate and the customer are having to go through this." Until those new policies are issued, though, megatippers are advised to make it rain in cash.

Video: Customer Finds Way Around Waffle House Rule

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