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New Social Networking App Only Works Inside Applebee's

Do you feel the desperate need to share spinach-artichoke tip intel with strangers? Behold the iPhone app WhatsApplebee's, which developer Michael Lazer-Walker says allows users to anonymously chat with other Applebee's patrons in real-time. (Sample message: "Man, I just can't get enough of those 2 for $20 entrees!")

In order to login, the app user must be physically inside an Applebee's, which Lazer-Walker (who is not affiliated with the chain) claims makes the app "the most exclusive" new social network. According to Lazer-Walker: "WhatsApplebee's uses iPhone location services to limit access to those currently inside an Applebee's. We enforce this strictly, unlike other chain restaurant-based messaging services such as T.G.I. Friendster or Olive Grindr." Of course, Applebee's has its own official app that can be used to order appetizer samplers and send gift cards; it does not have a real-time social media component.

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