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Burger King Boldly Introduces 'Burgers at Breakfast'

Burger King is taking feeble steps onto the Breakfast Wars battlefield: they'll soon serve burgers for breakfast, BurgerBusiness reports. No, not breakfast burgers — there are no eggs here, no bacon — just hamburgers that you eat in the morning. Oh, and they'll also be serving a chicken sandwich, in case 9:00 AM is a little too early for you to eat beef.

According to BurgerBusiness, 5,000 Burger King franchises have volunteered for the program, although Burgers at Breakfast has not yet rolled out nationwide. Customers will soon be able to order their choice of Whopper, Double Whopper, Big King, Whopper Jr., Original Chicken Sandwich, and single/double (cheese) burgers between the hours of 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM.

All of this is great if you're really into Burger King burgers, sort of, but compare Burgers at Breakfast to the efforts of Burger King's competitors. Taco Bell is waging a full offensive on current breakfast champion McDonald's, complete with waffle tacos (which are exactly what you think they are), and ads that mock McDonald's. (McDonald's, for their part, says they're not worried about that "taco shop.") Meanwhile, do not sleep on second tier competitors White Castle, which has launched Belgian Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches, and Dunkin' Donuts, which offers Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwiches.

In comparison to all of these novelty breakfast items, Burgers at Breakfast seems a little like you're just opening the restaurant earlier? But who knows, maybe America craves burgers in the morning.

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[Photo: Burger Business]