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Watch the Palcohol Founder 'Set the Record Straight'

Mark Phillips, the mastermind behind the beleaguered powdered alcohol brand Palcohol, has turned to YouTube to explain how his controversial product works. Phillips references New York Senator Chuck Schumer's recent call for the powdered alcohol brand to be banned by the FDA: "Like so many others, he is completely ignorant about the truth of Palcohol," Phillips says on-camera. "As a result, his letter to the FDA and his press conference were so riddled with inaccuracies and irresponsible statements, I just had to set the record straight."

In the video, Phillips reveals a few more details about the product: The powder takes about a minute to completely dissolve in water, and the gold-colored packaging doubles as a drinking container ("you can drink right out of the bag"), basically making Palcohol an adult Capri-Sun. Phillips also directly addresses Palcohol's initial website — which alluded to snorting the product — as an "edgy" form of marketing, emphasizing that snorting the powder would be "very painful." According Phillips, given the amount of powder it takes to mix up one alcoholic beverage, it would take the average snorter one hour to ingest the equivalent of one cocktail: "You won't get drunk faster by snorting powdered alcohol."

Phillips calls the current backlash against Palcohol "Prohibition-like," arguing the product also has applications in the military, medical, and airline industries. On the list of questions Phillips does not answer in the 12-minute video: Is Palcohol flammable? Can it get past TSA? Go, watch:

Video: The Truth About Palcohol

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