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Subway Plans Monster 8,000 Store U.S. Expansion

Photo: gaumphotos/Flickr

Subway might be looking to add between 7,000 to 8,000 more locations nationwide. Subway's CEO Fred DeLuca tells Bloomberg that the expansions might take "10 years or so," but projected store numbers might increase even higher if the brand does "a good job building consumer demand."

Subway has more than 41,700 stores worldwide, which means that its 26,000 U.S. stores account for just over 60 percent of its total restaurants. As previously noted, the chain's expansion plans also extend to its menu: For the first time, the chain is testing hummus as a sandwich-topping option (DeLuca suggests the spread, currently testing in 1,000 markets, may appeal to "health-conscious" customers). Subway is also looking into using thinner slices of deli meat because it looks "more appealing." Presumably all future locations will feature bread sans yoga mat chemicals.

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