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There's an Andrew Zimmern Impostor on the Loose

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There's apparently an impostor of Bizzare Foods host Andrew Zimmern running around Minneapolis. Mpls.St. Paul Magazine'a Stephanie March tweeted a blurry photo of who she dubbed the "Zimposter," writing he "went into a local joint today and told the whole staff he was @andrewzimmern."

The real Andrew Zimmern seemed more entertained with the term "Zimposter" than the pretender's antics, tweeting back at March: "Zimposter??? You are brilliant wordsmith!" Zimmern adds in another tweet that the "same thing happened in NYC at Pearl & Ash Saturday apparently." This isn't the first time someone has run around pretending to be a celebrity chef: Human lava lamp Guy Fieri apparently has had many impersonators, including one who spent a weekend at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival pretending to be him, and another who actually went on camera for an interview.

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