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Watch a KFC Fanatic Boldly Get a Double Down Tattoo

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Has novelty sandwich fandom hit its peak? KFC's YouTube channel triumphantly brings this video of an unidentified (but bearded) individual getting a tattoo of the Double Down, aka the soon-to-return bacon and cheese "sandwich" that uses two fried chicken filets as buns. The ink-receiver reminisces about first trying the sandwich while on a date with his girlfriend: He admits "I guess that's how it all started," though does not specify whether he's referring to his sandwich fandom or his relationship.

Meanwhile, the tattoo artist carefully mixes colors to ensure the browns of the bacon and fried chicken each pop: "With it being chicken, bacon, cheese, and the sauce, there's a lot of browns and yellows, and so I want to make sure each element stands out on its own." Go, watch:

Video: KFC Double Down Fan Gets Tattoo

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