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Watch What Neon and Salmon Have in Common at NYC's Russ & Daughters

New York City's iconic appetizer shop Russ & Daughters will open a separate cafe space later this year, so the New Yorker visits the shop's go-to neon signage experts, Let There Be Neon, to watch how Russ' vintage-inspired new signage would be made. Russ & Daughters' current co-owners Niki Russ Federman and Josh Russ Tupper compare the "steady, meditative, focused work" of bending neon to the delicate salmon slicing the deli is known for: "It may take you a few months to learn how to slice, but you won't really know how to do it until you've done it for 10 years," says Tupper of the similarities. "It's beautiful to watch, just as slicing is." Go, watch both:

Video: Lox and Neon

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Russ & Daughters

179 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002