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Inside ChocoChicken, Adam Fleischman's New Chocolate Fried Chicken Concept in LA

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Photo: Elizabeth Daniels

Umami Burger's Adam Fleischman is about to open the doors to his highly anticipated new restaurant project, ChocoChicken, located in Los Angeles. Eater LA takes a look inside the space which is best described as "the ultimate fried chicken sports bar." There are giant flat screen televisions, metal surfaces, plenty of bar stool seating, and neutral colors throughout the restaurant.

The menu centers around the restaurant's signature chocolate fried chicken in which the fry batter is infused with chocolate. There will also be biscuits, a full bar, and sauces like chocolate ketchup and miso ranch. Just incase that wasn't enough chocolate, there will be chocolate-ladened sides like white chocolate mashed potatoes. And it looks like the restaurant might have plans for an even wider range of chocolate-laced menu items: According to a photo on the restaurant's Facebook page, ChocoChicken has experimented with making chicken meatballs stuffed with molten chocolate (below). The restaurant will open to the public either later next week or the week of June 9 depending on when it receives its liquor license.

Chicken meatball with molten chocolate center. [Photo: ChocoChicken/Facebook]

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403 W 12th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015