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Watch a Keurig-Like Tortilla-Making Machine in Action

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Because hand-formed tortillas take a "rather long time" to make, here's a promo video for a device called the Flatev, a machine that internally presses and cooks dough-filled pods to create fresh tortillas. (The idea is similar to that of the Keurig and brew-to-order coffee; tortillas are made one at a time at the push of a button, which breaks the pod and starts the dough-cooking process.)

According to Flatev's inventors, the sealed dough pods feature non-stick dough made from stoneground corn flour and water, and can be refrigerated for up to two weeks. The machine isn't available for sale quite yet, but Flatev is taking pre-orders first-generation machines. Go, watch the thing in action:

Video: Flatev: The Tortilla-Making Kitchen Machine

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